Isoardi was born in 2000, in Cuneo. Isoardi was born in 2014, when he attended his first festival. Isoardi was born in 2018, when he started producing music.
The seventeen-years-old dj and producer has become one with music starting from 2014 when he entered for the first time the magical world of an electronic music festival.
There, he discovered the magical hidden power of the seven notes and decided to incorporate and play with it in order to change his and other people’s life.

Hi Isoardi!

Hi everyone, my name is Lorenzo Isoardi, nice to meet you guys !

Where did the Isoardi come from?
I choose my surname for 2 reason:
1. The first one is because I want to show to my dad I can do what I dream and what I really want.
2. The second one is because I love have my real identity when I play music.

Biggest musical influences?
I love so many dj, but I don’t have a specific favorite artist, maybe Kygo, Illenium or Snake

Snake is amazing when we talk about drum
Kygo make always an hit
Illennium have a beautiful sound

How did you discover your passion for producing?
Always I want to give to people a positive vibes and an human support, I started make music with an only goal,
stay close to all people possible with my music and take care about it.

What are some things you like to do in spare time when not making music?
I’m not only a producer unfortunately.
I work in a hairdresser salon with my mom for the moment, but in my free time I prefer have a chill moment like go in mountain or in a countryside for stimulate my mind. I like go to the swimming pool when I can and sure share pizza with friends like a true Italian.

What do you like doing more: producing music or DJing/performing live?
I started DJing before, and sure I love play at the party and make people forget problems for a moment and giving an evening as fun as possible, but I know, make music is most important, because I can really always take care in every moment, and not only in a party.

Do you have any advice for potential DJs out there trying to break out in this industry?
My best advice is:
“ make what you have in mind, don’t look at the market, make what you like make, because if you copy an big artist whit his sound you can’t go in competition whit him because, there is already him !”.

What can fans expect from you in the future? Any new projects coming our way?
I’m not a popstar or similar, I don’t have fan, I have a lot of friends =)
I want to explain my own self with my music and in a few month you can see my new music, but I have a little spoiler,
I just start to write personal lyrics and in 2019 I hope you can listen my personal sound with so many singer.

I just wanna say thank you for all who have read this Q&A! Thank you guys, have a nice week =)