Please introduce yourself…

We are Scandinavianz, producers & dj’s from Finland making some musical vibez across the world. We are Oliver “Ohrix” Moilanen , Soderman & Janiel M, a trio.

What got you into music?

The feeling you get when you hear nice songs on the radio….and when you are creative enough yourself, to be able to make similar songs. 

Who are you inspired by?

Kygo, Avicii, Matoma, Calvin Harris and the list goes on…

Are you going to collaborate with others in future?

Yeah if we got time and the project seems interesting 🙂

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?  

It depends, our collab with Joe hurworth (UK) really turned out nice and opened up alot of doors for us, but also our recent track “Golden Sands” seems like a song people like alot & it’s quite catchy.

What motivates you to continue your passion?    

Basic stuff like making people happy with our songs, and meeting nice people across the world like you X.Boo 🙂 and of course, to one day be on tour with Kygo

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?  

Make the most of every day & for politicans…..make love, not war

A message for your fans and blog readers. 🙂

Check us out on Soundcloud, many of our songs are free and good for vlogs and bloggs & stuff. Hope we’ll meet one day, on tour, or on a sunny beach somewhere in Europe. Have a nice day & Greetings from Finland !! Kind regards, Scandinavianz.